Social Security Consulting

Schmidt CPAs & Associates is proud to introduce a new service related to Social Security. Social Security Benefits

We realize that many individuals do not understand Social Security or the amount of Social security benefit to which they may be entitled. For many individuals, Social Security rules and bureaucracy are intimidating. Our goal is to help you Navigate the Social Security Maze.

Our individual Social Security Benefits Analysis addresses…

  • Review of Social Security earnings/benefit statement.
  • At what age should you begin receiving Social Security benefits (62, 65, 70) and how to determine your breakeven point.
  • When you should apply for Social Security benefits.
  • Whose account will your benefits be based on (self or spouse).
  • How to handle unique issues such as divorce, widowed, or children situations.
  • Medicare, parts A, B, C, D and supplemental insurance.

For more information about how Schmidt CPAs & Associates can assist you with your Social Security decisions and questions, please call our office at 513-351-5707.