Tax Services

While many people do not like to think about filing their taxes, it is required by law and must be done according to regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. Tax preparation can be a long and overwhelming process, which is why many people use the services of an accounting firm like Schmidt CPAs & Associates in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cincinnati Tax Preparer

There are several reasons to consider using a tax preparer for your annual returns…

  • Certified Public Accountants are aware of changes in tax code that could affect your return.
  • Your accountant may be able to identify additional deductions that reduce your tax liability.
  • Tracking all of the potential tax credits for investments, dependent care, job changes, and real estate holdings can be confusing without professional counsel.
  • Your tax preparer is listed on your return and can serve as contact person for the IRS should there be any questions about your return.
  • Tax preparation fees are eligible as a deduction on your tax return.
  • Your time is valuable…do you really want to spend it calculating your taxes?

Schmidt CPAs & Associates understands that you need a qualified and dependable tax preparer. We have provided our tax return service since 2003 and we take pride in giving our clients the individual attention they deserve. Our goal is to not only help you save money on taxes this year…but for years to come as well.

Please call our Cincinnati office at 513-351-5707 to find out how Schmidt CPAs & Associates can help you with your tax preparation.

The following is a list of Tax Services we provide:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate, Gift & Trust Tax Return Preparation
  • Sales & Use Tax Services
  • IRS & State/Local Tax Representation